Search engine advertising

Don’t get ripped off! Instead, work together with us.

With the help of search engine advertising (Google, Bing) you can quickly achieve relevant results. Whether purchase or inquiry, both goals can be achieved by targeted playout of the ads. Through an exact target group orientation the advertisement reaches exactly the right person. We support your company right from the start. Research, market analysis, creation of first campaigns and banners are among our standard services in SEA. With each measure an arrangement with the responsible person in your enterprise takes place, so that you always keep the overview. Of course, we take into account your possible return on marketing invest from the outset.

Our SEA services.

Strategy & Concept Development


Consulting &

Campaign management

“Please tell me briefly and concisely how you proceed.” Okay, let’s do it.


We develop a strategy tailored to your goal.


We set up an advertising account or optimize your existing one.


We then create a campaign with regard to the target.


We continuously supervise the launched campaign every day.


You will receive a detailed, transparent report once a month.

Do you want advertising that reaches the right people? Then you should reach out to us:

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